All orders ship free!
All orders ship free!


Our Commitment to You

We carry a wide variety of the highest quality tobacco, Kratom, and CBD products. We are your one-stop shop, and now, all orders ship free!

Throughout COVID-19 our customers continued to shop at our grocery store, enabling us to keep going. Now that we have reopened the Smoke Shop, we’ve made things better than ever for our customers. For customers who prefer not to shop in the store, we’ve added convenient curbside pick-up. And now, you can order online!


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hurricanes on the east coast, and wildfires on the west coast, the already strained shipping industry is having difficulty getting packages delivered as quickly as they have in the past. Please be advised that predicted delivery times are not guaranteed. Our products will be worth any wait that you have.

What is Kratom?

Learn about the effects of Kratom and how to use it.